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Rehabilitation Services

Work Hardening Therapy

The most important thing is to get you healthy.  After healing has occurred and you feel you may not be ready for full duties, or full hours,  that is where we can help!

The team at ORIK has years of experience in successfully getting people back to work, even when it can seem a long ways away.

Peterborough's Choice for Return to Work Therapy

Work Hardening

Work hardening is a physiotherapy program specifically tailored to get you strong enough to return to more duties, or full duties.  The individualized detailed exercise program developed by our physiotherapists and kinesiologists can help build strength to get you back to work.   

What can work hardening treatment do for you?

  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Build your abilities to reduce the chance of re-injury once back at work
  • Improve walking distance, and cardiovascular endurance
  • Help you gradually return to tasks similar to what you do in your job by practicing them in the clinic

If you are interested in building back to work, consider contacting us with any questions!

Ori Kawarthas