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Rehabilitation Services


Many people have an injury or pain that derails their Fitness and Health. Pain or an injury decreases confidence to safely be physically active, and we are often worried about making things worse.

Peterborough's Choice for Physio-training

Why Choose ORIK?

Guidance and a plan from our healthcare team can help you train around an injury that needs time to heal, or adjust workouts to help you stay active without worsening a problem.   The expert team at ORIK can help build a program, teach you how to perform it properly and help you build independence and confidence to exercise independently . Exercise is a very important part of living a healthy life and our goal is to support you staying active. 

Would this work for me?

  • You’ve had an injury or a problem that hasn’t full resolved and you would like to return to your sport or hobby
  • Or you don’t have much experience with exercise and would like advice on how to safely begin exercising 
  • Or you would like help designing an exercise program to maintain strength and function to work around an injury
  • Or you would like advice on how to modify your workouts, or have a workout program designed for you that will be best for your injury

What will happen?

  • You would be assessed by a physiotherapist who would assess any injury or problem, additionally they would interview you about your levels of physical activity and what your goals are. 
  • Depending on findings of the assessment, the physiotherapist may refer you to our kinesiologist with instructions on the development of the workout program. 
  • You can repeat sessions the kinesiologist 

Who is not eligible?

  • Those seeking personal training (please see our personal training program)
  • People with acute/severe injuries that would require in depth physiotherapy care. 

This program is covered by physiotherapy or kinesiology benefit plans.   Direct billing available for most major insurance companies. 

Ori Kawarthas