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About ORIK

Clinic Goals & Values

ORIK is a unique facility that offers approaches and expertise which are unmatched by other clinics within Peterborough and the surrounding area.


Our team of physicians, surgeons and rehabilitation staff have a wide range of specializations and we will ensure you are guided to the best care.


Everything you need to get moving under one roof. We have the ability to provide most medical and rehabilitation services you may need under one organisation.


Reducing wait times for you. If your doctor refers you to ORIK, You will see one of our doctors as soon as possible. You will be expedited to the best suited physician or member of the rehabilitation team.

We Have a Plan

Your therapist and doctor will lay out the options and help build a specific recovery plan for you. We have recipes for improvement (protocols) for hundreds of injuries and surgeries all based on up to date medical science and literature review.


Too much money and time is wasted on treatments that aren’t proven to work.  We won’t sell you unnecessary services or equipment.


Your rehabilitation and medical team work together, maximizing results and minimizing communication errors and delays.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Ultrasound Guided Injections: Get the medicine where it needs to be
  • Latest regenerative medicine
    • GPS iii PRP injection: The most advanced PRP injection
    • N Stride injections for Arthritis
    • Viscosupplement injection of joints

Patient Stories

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you regain movement, eliminate pain and get back to living life at their best. Join our active community and submit your own recovery story!

Ori Kawarthas